‘She only comes out at night’.

‘You’ve seen her?’

‘Hell, I’ve seen her, we’ve all seen her, she’s not someone you forget’.

‘So you know her name?’

‘Sure. Her first name at any rate. Neon. Ain’t never heard anyone use her last name.

What do you want to know for anyway, what did you say your name was?’

‘Look, you just need to know that she’s dangerous, very dangerous’.

So he won’t tell me his name. ‘Dangerous. Well I know she likes to hang out in the casino over the road. Perhaps you should ask around there?’

‘I’ll do that. Thanks for your time’.

The bar-owner nodded and turned to a customer. ‘The usual?’

‘The usual’.

As he poured a beer he saw emerge from his office at the other side of the room Neon.

‘Your secret is safe with me’.

‘I see that, thank you’.

‘No problem.’

‘May I ask why?’

‘No real reason He’s from out of town and asking too many questions. And I just didn’t like the look of him’.

The customer fidgeted on his stool. The barman was talking to himself and his faraway eyes seemed to be glimmering.

He was Neon’s now.

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